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The Modern Smoker

Given that the smoking of tobacco is one of the oldest forms of human recreation, it is no wonder why so many are excited by the coming electronic cigarette revolution. There is quite literally millions of smokers worldwide who love to smoke but have to put up with all the negative byproducts of tobacco smoking.

Those who have evolved from smoking tobacco to electronic smoking are known as modern smokers. The modern smoker doesn’t stink from offensive tar formed in burning tobacco, the modern smoker’s significant other doesn’t complain about having to kiss an ashtray. The modern smoker has seen the future of smoking and relies on technology to provide them with both the means of smoking and the ends not to offend those around them. The modern smoker acknowledges the risks of nicotine as they might caffeine and chooses the most pure, safe and enjoyable form of its delivery. The modern smoker is often found on mornings enjoying a fresh cup of coffee and an electronic cigarette.

“So to the modern smokers, keep smoking and enjoy life, you have it made!”

The modern smoker is more productive, no longer having to take as many smoke breaks since the modern smoker can smoke in the work environment with no harm to others. The modern smoker can travel in comfort while smoking in the train, plane or automobile. The tobacco smoker would be right in assuming the modern smoker has it made… because the modern smoker does have it made.

Electronic Smokers Magazine is the publication of the modern smoker. ESM seeks to keep the modern smoker informed on the latest and greatest e-smoking gear and to be a place where the modern smoker can interact with the e-smoking community.


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  1. Would you be so kind to furnish me information on how I can subscribe to your magazine. Thank You,
    Don Freiburger – -YOU HAVE A GREAT HAPPY NEW YEAR.

    Posted by Don Freiburger | January 3, 2009, 1:06 am
  2. Thanks for your interest Don ;)

    This is an electronic magazine only. If you would like to subscribe, you may do so by adding our RSS feed to your feed reader, the feed URL is::


    If you are new to feeds, start at::


    Happy New Year to you too!

    Posted by ESM Editor | January 3, 2009, 3:05 pm

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