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Editors Note: Trog has a new site for the Screwdriver, http://www.ecigscrewdriver.com
  by Kit.  SCREWDRIVER'S HISTORY back in the day when the e-cigarette forum was new.Trog was already designing device's and coming up with solutions for poor battery performance in e-cigs. this was one of his first creations the generics cigar battery that was original in this cigar, was not up to the job of powering the device properly. the generic cigar battery produces 350 mah,and just isn't enough for more than a few minutes of decent smoke production.. so Trog created this...it produced 4.8 volts and lots of smoke. problem with this one was it just wasn't practically enough. he then started looking at the DSE901 with this being the best generic on the market. but the 901 sufferers with poor battery performance as well. electronic cigarettes with batteries the SIZE of a cigarette DO! a DSE901 battery is about 130 mah there just to small to do the job properly, so there battery performance, and life are short lived. 6 months later trog surprises the forum with the solution! THE SCREWDRIVER i received my screwdriver of trog last week, and the first thing you notice is how beautifully made it is. i screwed the atomizer into the screwdriver's body it has a nice feel to it,and fits snuggle. when the atomizer is screwed in to the screwdrivers body the join between atomizer and screwdriver are hidden in the screwdrivers neck. . i inserted the 1000 mah battery into the screwdriver's body,and screwed the body together. again it has a feel of good quality construction. primed the atomizer with 36mg and filled a empty cart,pushed the manual button and WOW now that's e-smoking! the power delivery of this device is awesome! with a 1000 mah capacity battery, there's no wimpy vapour there's plumes of vapour. well this is a good start i thought lets see how it is in the next few hours. i started smoking the screwdriver at 9 am, thinking the battery should be dropping of by at least early afternoon. the battery didn't drop of until the next day! but don't forget i was using 36mg so the device wasn't permanently welded to my face. i would say i was using it about every half hour. someone who's is a moderate e-smoker, the screwdriver could easily last them 2 days of use, no problem. a heavy smoker with constant use, i would say about 8 hours of high performance. i really like the manual switch, if you press it for about a second, before you start sucking, it cooks the juice nicely so when you do suck the atomizer chamber is full of vapour. with the 901 battery the atomizer isn't triggered until you start puffing on the device,. with the screwdriver you press the manual give it a second then inhale or to persevere atomizer life,do a primer puff. its takes a split second for the screwdriver to start cooking the juice. the other thing you notice is how well made this device is it feels solid when held. Ive already dropped it a couple of times, and because of its solid construction, it survived no problems. it would properly with stand a flight of stairs hehe but i aint chancing it. The advantages of the screwdriver are it has several hour's running time between charges even for heavy users.. the screwdriver will last months and cut down your e-cig running costs dramatically. 901 batteries give good performance for about 2 weeks this is debatable,but most hardcore 901 users will agree. so if you replace your 901's every 2 weeks..that's four batteries per month,or sixteen over four months. eBay sells 901 batteries for £8 plus £2 P&P that a total of £10 the screwdrivers batteries with P&P cost £3.50 the screwdrivers batteries will last at least four months before they die. so the cost for running the screwdriver over four months = £3.50 the cost for running a 901 over four months is £160.00 make your own mind up ! the original pictures that were posted didn't really give a good idea of the size of the screwdriver its far smaller than you think. its small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, and when used your fingers cover the whole of the device,so it works well when out and about! the screwdriver with the ruyan bling and dse901 size comparison. FINAL THOUGHTS there's no doubt about it the screwdriver is a credit to trog, and his screwdriver is a glimpse into the future of e-smoking ,and how the power issues will be resolved Janty are already designing a rumoured "zippo lighter" shaped e-cig. which will house a bigger battery to resolve the power issue, and will cost more than screwdriver. and i doubt it will be made as well. other manufacturers will also follow suit eventually,but while there's a demand for a cigarette shaped device this wont be happening soon...... the screwdriver is available to buy of Trog for £99 for this you will receive.... One Screwdriver device.. Length: 80mm without atomizer / 130mm with atomiser Width: 21mm at its widest point Weight: 55g with battery and cartridge Two 901 atomisers.. shiny finish.. Two 1000 mah (rated) rechargeable lithium batteries.. One nano charger.. US plug (100-240vac).. One ten ml bottle of 24 mg flu cured dripping fluid.. Five carts to top up with the fluid.. there's also a screwdriver forum for support advice tips and trick's,general maintenance e.t.c. different screwdriver heads will be available soon,so different brands of atomizers can be used.
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4 comments for “Trogs SCREWDRIVER REVIEW by Kit”

  1. I just tried my new Screwdriver. I’ve never smoked an e-cig before. I LOVE IT. It was a breeze to assemble; came with a charged battery; is as solid and easy to use as Kit says. I got the deluxe with France Pipe liquid: very tasty! In short well worth the price and although I am in NYC it arrived quickly and without a hitch. Thanks Trog!

    Posted by Michelle Ronda | December 6, 2008, 10:58 am
  2. I have tried various e-cigs and was hesitant of the screwdriver even after various recomendatoions due to it didnt look like it would feel like smoking. But after breaking down and trying it well look for all my other e-cig stuff on ebay soon. THIS THING IS AWSOME!! Great job Trog!

    Posted by Jacob Hernandez | March 23, 2009, 11:07 am
  3. If you would like to buy a Screwdriver, go to::


    Posted by ESM Editor | March 24, 2009, 12:22 pm
  4. Is there a USB-passthru for the SD to use while online for hours on end?

    Also, here’s hoping Trog makes an SD in GOLD. I see he has Silver and Black already, ;-)

    Posted by free09bg | June 5, 2009, 7:30 pm

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