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DSE-901, the truth.

On the ECF's best threads section, you will find a thread called the "The truth of mini e-cigarettes". This thread is not 100% correct, and I am here to reveal the REAL truth.

There are actually 3 main electronic cigarette factories in China. The biggest factory of all is called "First Union", the makers of RN-series, "Sailebao", the makers of DSE-series, "KangerTech", the makers of K-series.

In addition, there is another manufacture that makes M-series (M-401 from LiteCIG is one of them), and finally one more the infamous "Health" brand from DealExtreme.

Anyways, going back to the point. DSE-901 was first made by Sailebao. You can identify if your DSE-901 is original, by looking at the bottom of the battery. It should have "SLB" marked on it. The original DSE-901 is a fairly good, however recently the quality of DSE series have dropped significantly, and thus if you have the later version of the DSE-901, you should find that it doesn't perform as good as it used to be.

On the other hand, there is model a called RN4075 made by First Union. This model is a copy of the DSE-901, however there has been significant improvements, mainly the working current of the atomizer has been overclocked by 15%, to produce more heat = more vapor. But it has a reduced atomizer life due to the increased temperature. You can identify if your DSE-901 is a RN4075 by looking at the bottom of the battery. It should be labelled as "SH xxxxx".

At this time, the RN4075 is definately a better performer then the DSE-901. I hope my contribution of knowledge clears up the varying performance confusions with the DSE-901.

P.S. I am connected with many different factories in China. Let me know if you have any questions. And again, DSE-801(penstyle) is not the same as RN4072.

RN Series: RN4072, RN4075, RN4081, RN4082, RN4088
DSE Series: DSE801, DSE901, DSE601, DSE101, DSE103
K Seriees: KR208
CTM Series: M401

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3 comments for “DSE-901, the truth.”

  1. Hi, I need to find out where to buy ecigs from the original manufacturer to sell on. Any info you can give me would be appreciated.


    Posted by Ben | March 30, 2009, 8:17 am
  2. Could you give the web sites to these e-cigarettes?


    Posted by eric | March 31, 2009, 11:53 am
  3. @eric

    You can get a RN4075 here::


    For another source or info on the other numbers, just do a search using the search box @ the top or browse the auctions here: http://esmokersmag.com/topic/buy-ecigarettes/

    Posted by ESM Editor | March 31, 2009, 1:15 pm

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