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American Spirit Cigarettes better than E-Cigs???

Hi everyone!
I have been vaping e-cigs for a couple of months now, and love it. I got started when I saw my dad vaping an e-cigar, starting researching e-cigs online, and found this wonderful place :D

The question I have, as I would love for my brother to get off analogs, is....Are American Spirit cigarettes better for you than e-cigs?

I ask this, already knowing the answer is NO! BUT, my sister-in-law, who is my brother's wife, is constantly trying to start fights with me whenever she sees me vaping my e-cigs, telling me how unsafe they are for me. My brother (her husband, who smokes American Spirits), tried my e-cigs a few times, and was very interested in them.

She says that because American Spirits are all natural and have no additives (and she says WHO KNOWS what is all in my e-cig!), that they are MUCH safer than my e-cigs! She says she would never "let" my brother use or waste money on e-cigs, because of the PG in them (apparently she said she has researched PG for the past 5 years, which I know is a blatant LIE, but she needs to argue with me on this, as well as everything else in life, to everyone else also!) She is very much a Know-It-All, and cannot possibly be wrong about anything. She says that because PG (propylene glycol) is in our nic-juice, and it is also put into antifreeze, etc, that there is no way she's going to have her husband inhale anything into his lungs that has PG in it! I left last time I saw her, of course remembering LATER that you can also get nic-juice made with VG (vegetable glycerin), but by then it was too late. I am sure she would still argue with me that there are tons of things wrong with VG also, being that it still isn't the wonderful American Spirit no-additive, all-natural cigarette that her husband smokes. By the way, she used to smoke also, but did quit when she first got pregnant, so I would "think" that she knows the hazards of cigarettes, since she is so very smart, even if there are no additives in them 8-o

I will probably see her this weekend, and am actually dreading it. I will have my e-cigs with me, and am not looking forward to her starting another argument with me, about how bad my e-cigs are, and why don't I just smoke American Spirits, like her husband, so I won't be "harmed" by all the things that are in my e-cigs! :mad:

I would really appreciate some support for e-cigs vs. American Spirits, so I can give her some concrete information and not look like an idiot, which sometimes I do feel like around her.



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3 comments for “American Spirit Cigarettes better than E-Cigs???”

  1. You know, water is present in anti-freeze as well–does that mean she should not “let” her husband drink water? The analogy is false, her logic is unsound.

    When your brother smokes his “all-natural American Spirits” (which, I agree, are a better alternative IF YOU ARE GOING TO SMOKE ANALOG CIGARETTES), he is subjecting all of those around him to the various toxins found in the smoke from his cigarettes (there are many, even in ‘all-natural’ cigarette smoke). e-cigs seem to be far less toxic than ANY analog cig (there’s a reason why tobacco was formerly mixed with other herbs and used only ceremonially by Native Americans).

    I also think your brother would FEEL better if he were to switch.

    As for ‘letting him’– OMG! This 51-year-old married woman finds the idea of another dictating the behavior of one’s spouse, or any other capable adult, to be disrespectful, belittling, and appalling.

    So–arguments: not everything that is natural is better for you (excrement is natural, so is Jimson weed, but I wouldn’t ingest either of them); second-hand smoke is dangerous to others; what ever happened to free will–doesn’t he get a say as to what he does/doesn’t ingest; feeling better/increased oxygen absorption is a GOOD thing.

    It is only fair to tell you that I quit smoking–entirely, all nicotine products– three years ago. I do not ‘vape,’ but I would far rather that my husband (who has had two heart attacks–the REASON I quit smoking) smoke e-cigs than analog. In such cases, the health change is both immediately apparent and dramatic.

    Posted by RL Maiden | August 29, 2009, 11:19 am
  2. for me e-cig is still the best. It is cheap, environment friendly and less of risk in health..

    Posted by smokeless cigarettes | November 16, 2009, 10:07 am
  3. I agree with RL Maiden. All your getting with the Vaping is nicotine. All kinds of other stuff comes with inhaling burning leaves. When its put like that, who would wanna smoke a regular ciggie?

    Posted by Mary - Legal Bud Reviews | December 16, 2009, 2:18 pm

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