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PG/VG Sensitivity/Allergies

Hey Guys! I started this poll because of reading and posting in several threads about the "Why is this happening to me" when I first started Vaping. Some people don't start having certain reactions for several weeks after they start vaping, while others have reactions within the first few minutes to a few hours. LetÂ’s hear your take on what liquids you prefer (PG/VG) and why?

For me, PG has become a no and I use only VG after I noticed feeling not so comfortable several weeks into vaping. I know that there are many variables involved when you stop smoking cigarettes, but I switched to VG for over a month and was good to go, then switched back to PG for a couple days and noticed the same type of discomfort by mid-afternoon on the second day. I switched back to VG that evening and everything returned back to normal and has remained that way since...


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