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The CHUCK at 6V – A Review

This is my first review, so be gentle with me! :)

The CHUCK at 6V

My CHUCK came in the mailbox this morning. I was very excited to get the box open and check out my new baby. I was not disappointed. This thing is a beauty. Painted glossy black and personalized for me. I knew it was supposed to be five inches long, but you really don't get an idea of the size until you hold it in your hand.

Well, stupid me was late ordering batteries for my CHUCK, so I figured I was going to be stuck waiting to use it until the batteries finally got shipped. But then some very kind ECF poster suggested I get a couple of of CR123A batteries so I can at least give my CHUCK a test drive at 6V. What a great idea! Now, I've never vaped at high voltage before, so I figured this would be interesting to try. My CHUCK is the 510 model.

So now, on to the details!

1. The Unit.

This thing is nicely put together. It has a nice, somewhat heavy and solid feel to it. It feels like it could take quite a bit of punishment... not that I plan on punishing it. I'd hate to scratch up the great finish! As you can see in the pictures, I ordered mine in glossy black, with black end pieces. The battery cap is gnurled and is easy to take off and on. The switch is small, and at first glance it looks like it might be cheap and flimsy, in actuality, I find it easy to use and it works well. The graphic is a decal that is firmly affixed to the unit, and doesn't seem like it would peel off easily. Of course, if the worst happened and the decal started peeling, Jeff (the maker of the CHUCK) was kind enough to supply me with quite a few extra decals! Nice bonus! Also, he added a nice bumper sticker for my car so I can show off that I am a vaper! So for appearance, this PV gets a solid five stars. I love it.

2. Batteries.

The CHUCK is designed to use an 18650 3.7v rechargeable protected battery. With an adapter that you can buy seperately, you can use two CR2 3v batteries and run it at 6v. For my review, since I don't have my 18650 batteries yet, I'm using two non-rechargeable CR123A batteries at 6v. They fit in the unit very nicely, though I wouldn't recommend using them, as they'll get pricey very fast. But they will do in a pinch.

Others that use the CHUCK with the 18650 3.7v battery report that it hits like a 5v mod due to the fact that it actually runs higher than 3.7v with a good charge. I will hopefully attest to the fact once my darn batteries finally arrive. An 18650 battery will last for 2 to 4 days on a charge, depending on how much you use it. Considering I am changing batteries every hour with my 510, I can't wait.

3. Performance.

Ok, you need to take into consideration that I have never vaped at high voltage before. Also, I was a little nervous about burning out an atty since I don't have many to spare at the moment. But I had one atty that has been being a little difficult with me, so I figured I would see if I could shock the bajeezus out of it and make it behave. Knowing that I have to make sure the atty stays wet, I put in my new batteries, filled up a cart, put a couple of extra drops on the atty, and took my first vape.

OMG! This thing hits like a monster! Easily twice the throat hit than with a regular 510 battery (in a good way), a great taste, and the vapor production was warmer and massive. I can see why folks like the high voltage mods, because it was just like smoking a cigarette, only without the poisons and crappy taste. :D I can see that carts are not a good idea at 6v, because after four or five really incredible puffs, I could taste cart filler. So then I used a cart with no filler, and did me some drippin'. (I normally don't drip because I find it a hassle.) A couple more wonderful puffs like this, and my head was swimming. I'm using a 24mg juice, but I can see I would need to use a smaller nic level if I was to use 6v more often.

4. Conclusion.

I'm sure that anyone on the forums who has read some of my posts finds it no surprise that I'm a fan of the CHUCK. Well, after using it for an hour, I am very glad I bought it. While other mods may work just as well, my CHUCK is personalized to my taste. It feels good in my hand, it's easy to use, and it just looks so damn sexy! Like Jeff says, it's a rabid vaping badger in a prom dress. For $80 shipped, I just don't think you can beat it. A heavy duty, personalized PV for a very reasonable price. It's hand made, and very well put together. It has an incredible one year warranty. I'd recommend the CHUCK to anyone. I know I'll be recommending it to my own father, who is very new to vaping and enjoys his new 510.

I hope you find this review informative. If you have questions, let me know and I will try and give you answers as soon as possible. Thanks for reading! :)

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