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HOW TO: Clean and refill Cartomizers

Greetings all,

I have seen this asked halfway through threads on many occasions and even a thread here and there on it that gets buried only to be asked again so here is a HOWTO on cleaning and refilling your cartomizers.

Many of you may have already figured out how to refill your cartomizers, but they just don't seem to work as well anymore, or hold as much juice. This is VERY easy to fix.

1) Pop the top and o-ring off of your cartomizer so you can see the filler and atty looking down from the top of it.
2) Walk over to your sink.
3) Turn on the tap to run warm water.
4) Hold the cartomizer under the stream briefly and take away. You will see water run out the bottom.
5) repeat #4 several times. 5 or 6 should do.
6) put the top of the cartomizer in your mouth, and blow HARD. Keep blowing until you stop feeling and hearing water gurgling out the battery end.
7) repeat #4 and #6 a few times.
8) take a look and your filler should now be nice and new looking!
9) Walk back to your desk (or wherever the juices are) and refill your cartomizer ala the video below (thank you to kc0cmp)
[You should be able to easily put 25+ drops in a good cleaned out cartomizer. Some people report up to 32 drops! I average around 28.)
10) Pop the o-ring and cap back on, and start vaping.

Notes: Do NOT use soap or alcohol in this process. If you want to use alcohol for some reason you must let it completely evaporate overnight or risk damage to the filler and possibly yourself. There is no reason to use it, you will be amazed how white and fluffy your rinsed out cartomizer is if you follow those simple steps!!

Now then All thanks be to kc0cmp for the following video on how to open, refill, and recap your cartomizer for those of you who do not yet know how:

YouTube - How-to guide to refilling KR808D-1 or Vapor King cartomizers

Take care all and I hope this helps someone. :)

- Hap

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