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No one ever says anything about me vapping

It's odd I have never seen anyone vape, and I vape everywhere in the open a lot. No one has really ever said anything to me. I think it's crazy about people here that say everyone stops them to ask what they are smoking. Just because it never happens to me.

I pull up next to cops on the road, and I vape away with a mod. I just get an odd look, and they keep going where they are going.

Today I did have one look from a lady walking into Lowes as I was vapping away on my Silver Bullet. Yet she didn't say a word. I just got one of those looks that I must be crazy smoking that walking up to the store if you know what I mean.

Even crazier was tonight. Halloween, and the streets were packed with adults with their kids. I had a mask on for part of the time, and vapped up a storm. I talked to parents vapping away on my SB, and out of say around 100 people I only had one look"same look as I was walking into lowes". Other than that not one person said anything to me.

I'm starting to think that E-Cig shop in the mall. The one everyone hates here has educated a lot of people what they are. Heck I know for a fact that my Aunt, and Uncle understand what they are now, because of that little store. They love me using my Smoking Machine(everyone in my family calls it that), and are happy that I use it instead.

Can anyone else vape around town without anyone ever saying anything too you?

I don't vape like a ****, and try to keep my vaper down when I'm indoors. Yet I still do it, and more and more I don't even stealth vape. If I do stealth vape it's just holding in the vaper.

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