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Aeration Dripping Method

Well as the title suggests. I came across this on accident... still testing.

I have a large syringe that can be taken apart for cleaning. I saw on here someone used one of these to put in the filler from used up cartridges and squeeze the juice out. That method is great by the way. But as I put in more and more filler from spent cartridges I noticed something. Because the last filler I put in is behind all of the other fillers, by the time the juice passes through all of the other fillers and comes out of the tip it is very aerated. I can see bubbles galore in the juice as it drips onto my atty.

This got me thinking. Aerated juice for better vapor production. I have only payed attention for 1 day but I could swear every time I use the syringe I get better vapor production.

Still testing. If anyone has one of these handy please try it out and post results.

Pic of syringe:

via: E-Cigarette Forum


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