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Batteries: reviving them, knowing when they’re dead etc

I have been direct dripping. I had no problem at all until I recently started using 510 atomizers from a different seller. I don't know if they are the problem or what, but I have noticed that some of the juice has been leaking in the battery.

Now the batteries performance seem to be getting poor. They work, light up and everything, but the vapor production sucks.

My question is, do you think they are dead or the juice has hurt them?

Is there any way to revive them? I tried putting paper towl rolled up, to clean them out, but it doesn't seem to have done anything.

By the way, the atomizer coil seem bent to one side in the atomizers. The original atomizers I got from TW were straight. Also, the batteries have a bigger hole inside. The new batteries I got have a tiny hole.

Can someone explain any of this?

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