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Eliquid Hog

I just started using my Little Chuck. It does how a lot of vapor but is also is eating up liquid. Every few minutes I have to add more eliquid. I was not aware of this before I purchased one.

I ordered batteries CR123A, 3.7 volts. These batteries must be faulty because they only last a couple of hours. In bought 2 and a charger from battery junction,They have excellent services. I received them in 2 days.

I put one of the batteries in the charger and used the other one. After a couple of hours the one I was using was dead. The charger showed the second on to be charaged. After using this one is went dead in a couple of hours.

Do you think I got bad batteries. I read somewhere the battery for the Little Chuck would last at least a day and sometimes a day and a half.

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