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Little Freaked Out, Little Panicky…30 Days In!

I've Been Vaping for 30 Days now, NO ANALOGS at All!

The last couple of days I've been feeling a little Freaky. I'm not prone to
Panic Attack feelings, unless I feel Palpitations in my chest. (Usually brought on by too much Caffeine). I stopped drinking Coffee a year ago. I still drink Diet Coke though. I've had a super sensitive Awareness to my own Heartbeat, and super sensitive Hearing in the last 2 days. Every little sounds makes me jumpy. Having trouble staying asleep as well. Sweaty Palms & Jittery.
I wonder if my dose of 24mg is Too High...............

Like I said, I'm 30 days in...I've tried VG, but for some reason it coats my throat and I'm always trying to clear it.

I Know, I should go see the Doctor, which I will, since I take BP Meds.
But what can I try now to stop this NERVOUS feeling running through my blood?

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