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My second e-cig model

I've been using M4xx all along but like everybody else, I felt a compulsion to try another model. I finally decided on... a 901. It just arrived today.

First Impression: This thing is BIG! I expected to be overwhelmed by the length, but it's the diameter that gets me. And the cart is HUGE. I'm terribly impressed with that (I love my M's but it makes me wonder about those tiny little carts now.) The 901 atomizer though freaks me out. Obviously you can't dip - can you drip on one of these? I don't see why not, but it's hard to "aim." Tons of vapor, I'm impressed but the size is a bit much.

I also wisely bought one of those universal chargers so if my NEXT ecig is a 510 or KR08D I won't have to buy more chargers. :rolleyes:

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