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Vaporking From V4L and 555 24 mg carto

Hello there this review its for the Vaporking Extra long battery 380mah Manual with 555 24mg vaporking cartomizer , ive used it exclusively from yesterday to check the battery life and cartomizer life . Thank's Jen for sending me this kit .
From the first hit i got preety much of a throat hit and the cartomizer didnt droped of in flavour or vapor production till the midnight when it became to loose the flavour and popped a new one in . The vapor production its comparable to the 510 only that the vapor isnt so warm like the joye 510.
The battery , well , its kinda long considering i was using joye 510 but the battery like isnt to be compared with the 510 , i used to switch 4 batteries with the 510 but this monster lasted me all day and it still got some power in but its lowering the vapor so that means the voltage has dropped a bit , so this its a hell of an improvement . It seems its preety consistent in throat hit's and vapor. The flavour also differ from the 510 since the vapor isnt so warm and it doesnt burn the flavour . The only drawback its that i dont have an normal battery and i have to get used to the extra lenght.
So far its easy to use and the cartomizers seems to last long for me , i think its the next generation of e cigarettes because of the ease of use :)

Thank you Jen for sending me this kit.
Sorry for any misspelling and grammar.

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