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Air flow on Pen style Atomizers

I just ordered every style pen type atty I could get
Right now I'm using a ghetto tipped mod, which does not give any type of air flow from the battery end, so right now I'm using it with an 801 atty since those atty's get air flow through the collar on the atomizer themselves

Now my mini pipe atomizers don't work at all since they need 4-1mm holes on the side of the male battery end, now someone told me last night that the m201 atomizer needs to get it's air flow through the center of the male battery connector.

I was going to make up 2 extensions for the tip of the mod, one with side air flow and another with center air flow.

I was wondering if someone could tell me how each pen style atomizer gets it's air flow.....

Through the collar on the atomizer
Through the side of the battery connector
Through the center of the battery connector

For the following atomizers......

Mini Pipe

It would be even better if you could go into detail as to how the air intake configuration is set up on the battery end (ie: 2holes, 4holes, small, large, etc;)


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