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Genuine Thanks to ECF

I just got my passthrough and a new sample flavor case from Johnson Creek. I have to say, the information I got here was amazingly helpful.

Because of this, I quit cigarettes, found a better and cheaper option than the one I looked into first. (I won't say the name, I'll protect their business.) Without ECF, I wouldn't have thought to look for the 510 that I love.

I'm still finding new flavors and looking for a couple that I can vape everyday, but so far, the search looks good, I'm loving everything about vaping.

For anyone who has posted guides, flavor suggestions, and mods, thank you for making everything so much easier for anyone looking by.

In return, as an electrical engineering major, and finding a new passion, one day, I'll find a way to make the whole e-cig experience better, there's so much to improve on. So in the next 5 years, expect something great! =]

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