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Stock up for the holidays! or FAIL

Between Thanksgiving and Xmas, not only do shipping services slow down due to the massive load of shipped stuff during the holidays, but people who ship you stuff through the mail as a regular course of business, tend to take time off, or even get behind on stock themselves due to the same holiday shipping situations.

So I am stocking up now for the holidays. I know some people stock up anyhow for some kind of ban, but if you run low on juice halfway through December, I imagine in many cases you may not be able to get your hands on any more until the first week of January. I'm a newer vapor but that's my guess anyway. We are lucky with so many suppliers getting us our stuff within a few days, but there will be at least a 2-3 week slowdown where normal delivery and shipping times are likely to be affected, since they are normally. I imagine there will be people begging for help on these very forums when they face a New Year's Eve with nothing to vape but pure VG from the drugstore.

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