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Who sells Dekang Marlboro USA MIX?

My husband finally decided this was his favorite e-liquid. I would rather not use the supplier I got it from because even though they are located in the USA, they are shipping directly from China and it takes forever and costs a bundle in shipping - not worth it for just some juice.

I tried to search on USA MIX here, but no results come up (I bet it is due to each word being only 3 characters long).

So, can you help point me to a vendor that is currently in the USA and selling the USA MIX at 24mg?

I normally use Cignot, but their USA mix is 26mg, only available in 5ml bottles, and does not say Dekang - it says Boge Technology.

RMV is not selling it.

Drew at NHaler seems to do his own thing, and they are what I use, but not what hubby wants.

So, can anyone point me to a vendor that is carrying this?


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