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Worst to Best Atty

How my worst atty went to the best atty I have had? I ordered two new 510 atty's from RMV. They got here and one worked excellent. The other one was the worst one I had. No matter what I did it would only give a very little vapor and tasted very metallic. So after 3 days I threw it in the back up pile. Though it dug at me why the other one worked so well and this one was terrible. So last night I got it at and started inspecting/prodding it. If I broke it so what I lose one terrible atty. So put a cart on it and took a very long HARD draw on it, harder than a normal analog. I'm surprised it didn't burn up, but it actually gave a good hit, but on a normal drag it still would not do right. Took the atty off and started looking at it closely. I noticed it had a lot of that wadding under the bridge unlike the other ones, I dug it out and took some tweezers to pull most of it out. It started working perfectly. As matter of fact it produces alot more vapor than any atty I have had to this point. Then talk about the flavor, its so rich and smoother. So just thought I would share an experience and maybe help another newbie out.

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