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510 and you…

I started with a Dragon 401 and after all the hype about the 510 on this forum I bough a kit from Cignot. My question is have any of you experienced vaporers that have tried multiple devices find the 510 to taste like total crap?

I gave it fair shot and tried it out for a couple of weeks and was really turned on by the PCC and the manual batteries (this was before the manuals came out for the 401) because I got caught at a very loud concert that was setting off my auto 401 batteries and another time at a bar when both of my batteries went dead on my 401. I just cant get past the terrible taste of the 510 though.

The vapor production and throat hit is a little better on the 510, but the taste is WAY better on the 401 and vapor and throat hit arent bad at all either.

Anyway I just wanted to get other peoples opinions and experiences between the two. I`ve read the posts on how to make the 510 taste better and break in and all that, but none of it seems to compare to the 401 imo.

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