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510 during the day and Prodigy at night.

I've taken to smoking a joye 510 during the day and a Prodigy at night. Also use the prodigy when I wake up in the morning.

I use the 510 during the day because It resembles a cigarette and is less intrusive to use in public also it doesn't require the upkeep of the Prodigy.
I use a cartridge for the 510 that is PTB (Pyramid Tea Bag) bought from cignot.com and low maintenance. No need for tweezers etc. Just fill and huff. The 510 offers a throat hit that closest resembles a analog.

I enjoy the Prodigy more but it is high mantainance. When I use the Prodigy with a 801 high bridge atomizer I have to tweeze out the foam every time I refill it. I really don't want to be tweezing or paper clipping in public. Also the Prodigy appears very odd to many people. My wife says it looks like a drug device.

I was curious if others are also using a mod at home and a 510 in public.

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