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Anyone else get this…..

.... more of a real cigarette taste from as the liquid depletes ?

I've been more receptive to it as of late, while I have learned to enjoy a nice wet bridge, uhh, don't take that the wrong way, no , go ahead..... in fact, do you notice how you get used to the flavor you are using, if you use the same thing for a while. I've been nursing off a 30 Ml of RY4 for little less then two weeks now, and I still get the original flavor as when i first put that one of a kind taste in my beak, but unless I keep my cart full, and the bridge wet, then I get this analogue taste, so I look, and nothing is really dry yet, but the bridge is getting there.

And here's the kicker, seems that I get this "taste" when just the bridge gets anything other the saturated, and loses that creamy smooth mouth feel.

I originally was under the influence it was that the substrate was as many of you have described as "burnt " , although replacing it by all means even though short lived seems to get me back where I enjoy the flavor much more, but it's not burnt at all.

Now that I speak it, my thoughts are that I need a device that is auto feed. Something where the feed can be adjusted , something that has a wide range, so i could flood it if I saw fit, or totally fry the dry atomizer if I wanted to waste money.

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