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Need help? Best place to buy m401 or ecig with pcc

Ok so my girlfriends birthday is coming up and I decided to buy her a new ecig. We bought the blu kits together and hers is starting to crap out on her, surprise surpise. I went to the 510, but she wants something smaller. Thought about the 401 because you can get the 403 batts for it making it a very small e cig. Now she is thinking she wants something with a pcc like the blu, but is not really sure. I know the revolver elite would probably be right up her alley but its a newer ecig and after buying the blu this scares the hell out of me. So my question is where can I find a good price on a 401 starter kit, or a comparable starter kit that comes with a pcc. Let me know anything you might think of. I have plenty of time to order from China if need be but do not want to pay out the butt for shipping because it will be the only thing I am purchasing right know. Thanks guys and gals!!!

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