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Saving money with PV’s

80 days without a cigarette. 80 days and I don't even miss them. I could go on and on about how much better I feel. I could rave about how amazing (and sometimes awful) it is to be able to smell and taste everything. I could brag about how much whiter my teeth are now. I could do an entire post about the things I'm able to do now without running out of breath, but I won't. Today, I want to talk about the effect e-cigarettes have on your wallet.

When I started vaping, I wanted my e-cigarettes to look like regular cigarettes. I wanted to hold them and puff on them the same way I did my analogs. I liked to pretend that I was ashing them, and I even took a small puff into my mouth as if I were lighting the real thing. Over time though, I started to like the idea of my e-cigarette being its own entity. I wanted PV's that looked different, something that would confuse the uninformed. I began to purchase different colored 901's and 510's. I even sought out a 510 that has no LED. When I vape that device, it just looks like I'm sucking on a pen, then I blow out smoke and blow peoples' minds. The Janty box, well that looks like it came right out of Star Trek. I also went crazy on juices: different flavors, VG, PG, nicotine levels, etc. So, in my first month of vaping, I spent a lot of money, and I mean a lot of money. Not because I had to, but because this is not an addiction, it's a hobby.

Now it's day 80. The newness has worn off. The people I'm closest to are now used to my e-cigarettes. I doubt I could surprise them with any new devices, so I've stopped buying devices. I've settled on my favorite flavors, so I don't need to spend on unnecessary juices. The last time I spent money on anything related to e-cigarettes was on the 9th of October, nearly a month ago. On that day, I bought 30ml of menthol juice and 30ml of mint juice. I spent a total of $23.46 including shipping. Cigarettes would have cost me over $150 in this same time span. So, now that the initial "wow" factor of e-cigarettes has worn off, I'm saving about $125 per month. I think that's a pretty compelling reason to switch.

Anybody else finding this same phenomenon? Spend a lot initially, then get in a comfort zone, and save big over analogs?

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