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Any one care to comment?

I found this comment on e cigs on the evil (LOL) DX. :
Pointing out that electronic "cigarettes" don't emit CO2 is a bit deceptive. Since real cigerettes are made of tobacco, a plant, the CO2 they emit when burned is not fossil. When the tobacco growers grow new plants, the circle is complete. Just burning stuff that's already in the earth's surface is not any problem at all - at least not from a climate perspective. The CO2 problem comes from digging up CO2 that is millions of years old, buried underground.

I'm not even sure how they get the nicotine for the juice, but that would make a big influence on the comment. I would like to have a good rebuttal for this comment but don't know enough about the nicotine extraction process to do it. It sounds like bunk to me though. I think that if we are getting any CO2 from the nicotine it is such a small amount as to be negligible.


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