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Dead battery? Nope.

I think I read this somewhere, and it luckily stuck in a brain cell.

Yesterday I left my ecig on a counter at a gas station, and of course when I went back to retireve it - it was gone.

So I got home, pulled out another used atty and battery and got it all set up. I just pulled that battery off of the charger.

I dripped, and started to vape (I exhaust pipe it) and the atty got REAL hot (it vaped well otherwise). So I decided to give it a good cleaning. Dried it out and started vaping. Poof! The battery dies after 10 min. Swap batteries. Vaping again. Poof - dead battery in 10 min.

Now - I know my batts are getting old and I was worried that I had reached EOL on some of them. Hm. I charge up these "bad" ones - and for a test - use another atty. Everything is fine.

Put the other atty on, and in about 8 min the battery is dead.

Ok - time for the heavy duty fireworks. I pull one of my Mega batts off the charger and killed my megabat in under 15 min also.

So I throw the atty in my bad part pile, and get a fresh atty. Everything is fine vaping at full steam again.

So - I have come to the conclusion that a bad atomizer can make a battery look like it is going bad.

Am I correct in the fact that
  1. this is true and
  2. I did read this somewhere and thus my 50 year old brain isnt totally gone?

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