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Don’t try normal cigs!

Alright, only been vaping a little bit over a week now but oh my god.....

Was out with some friends and decided to try a normal cig (strictly for research, I knew I wouldn't be hooked again because I can't even stand the smell anymore.)

Anyway, I ask to take a drag of my friends cig (marb ultra light) and at first he was like noooo way man you'll get hooked again. After about 5 min of negotiating I was able to convince him it was stricly for research.

So I take a hit.... and wow. These things taste COMPLETELY foreign now. I could not even finish my full exhale before I was coughing all over the place, I've never tasted something so horrible (Well technically I guess I have lol, but not comparatively to this taste of an analog after vaping strong for a week.)

I tried it because I've heard from several people after vaping for a bit one should try an analog just to experiment to see if the vaping is really working. Boy I wish I didn't take their advice, I can still taste it! I have brushed about 3 times and my mouth still feels grody, deffinitely a mistake!

Vaping is the way, I can't believe I used to smoke 10-15 of those things a day for 6 years!


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