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Finally, finally, finally!!

I've had a 510 for a couple weeks now, and I've heard so many people say that they stopped smoking the day they started vaping. Why was I having so much trouble?? Now admittedly I went from a pack a day to like 2 a day in the first few days of having my 510. But then, it started climbing back up...2, 3, 4, 5, 6 oh man here we go...

And to top it all off I was vaping 24mg juice, soooo I was getting PLENTY of nicotine, it wasn't that. So what the heck?? Why was I still craving a cigarette so badly??

Well, Thursday afternoon, I received my order from Tasty Vapor. A VG juice, 24mg and guess what....haven't had an analog since. Before that I was vaping PG and honestly, I wasn't happy with it. It gave me little to no vapor (bummer) and I SWEAR the stuff makes me so ridiculously sleepy, it's crazy. Take a drag, inhale, exhale, yaaaaaaawn...rinse, repeat.

It's not just the VG juice though, I've changed my vaping habits to an almost constant vape when I can. I find that my cravings get bad when I let my nic levels drop, so rather than spike and valley my nic levels, I'm keeping them more level.

So yeah, I still have to fight an urge here and there but so far so good :D And I'm super psyched!

I'm definitely in the VG camp...hands down, no contest...I love it!

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