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M401/2 Manual Switch Batteries and M602 Manual Kit from AbsolutelyeCigs.com!

Got my M401/2 manual batts and M602 manual kit 2 days back. Since i got two items at once, i decided to wait for a while before giving a review.

Packaging wise, there was nothing surprising. Everything was standard and arrived in good condition.

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M401/2 Manual Batteries
First, lets review the M401/2 manual batteries. This is definitely a breath of fresh air to the Mseries. The manual batts performs on par with the USB Passthrough. Its like having a USB Passthrough on the move. The vapor and throat hit is consistent and every drag is extremely satisfactory. Holy *****!!

There is absolutely no drawbacks that i can think of this battery except for the little inconvenience of having to press the button each time. There are instances where i forgot to press on the button and wondered if my battery or atomiser died on me.

Battery life is more or less the same as the auto versions. The buttons are easily located and well placed. I highly recommend this item for the following reasons:

1) Highly consistent and great performance.
2) Still looks like a cigarette without needing a big mod for vaping satisfaction.
3) A good addition to my existing M40x parts.

Starter Kits - *NEW* M602 Manual Switch Starter Kit - Electronic Cigarette | Electronic Cigarettes | E-Cigarettes | E-Cigs from Smoore
M602 Manual Starter Kit
As for the M602, this just gets better. Its like an M401 with bigger batteries and atomisers and with a manual switch. Looking at the bridge of the atomiser, i can make a deduction that the bridge of the M602 is about 30-40% bigger than the M401. The battery diameter is visibly bigger than the M401 (see pictures) but still feels very comfortable holding it in my hand. This is something that beats the 510 as i never feel comfortable holding a 510.

The appearance is also pretty sleek as it looks like a two piece model compared to the M401, which looks like a 3 piece. This is due to the threads and connectors of the M602 being the opposite of the M401.

This model produces a bigger throat hit compared to the M401. The vapor production is also slightly higher but not significantly so. I will not discount the possibility that the seemingly higher vapor production is just my imagination because of the better throat hit. I'll let you guys decide for yourselves. Either way, the M401 vapor production is very much satisfactory for me so it does not really matter if the M602 is much more superior or not.

Many have mentioned that the cartridges of the M401/2/3 is small. The M602 takes care of this aspect with bigger carts. The carts also seem to be around 30% bigger than the M401/2/3 carts and can hold more liquid.

So far, the atomiser and batteries are not showing any signs of slowing down. Unlike the 510, which i can feel significant reduction in performance in just 2 days. This is definitely a keeper and will be for those who wants a bigger engine for the M401 and do not mind a bigger diameter. E-Cig length is 100mm and is between the M401 and M402.

Will post updates if anything new and interesting shows up during further usage.

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