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Multi-straw mod for 510/901 carts

I dont know if anyone has trid this but so far this is the best cart mod I tried. Your cart will last 3x longer with full flavor!!

Coffee straws come in different sizes, The ones I use are slightly larger than normal and two straws fit perfectly into a 510 cart.

Insert as many straws that fit all the way into cart.
slide straws out a bit and cut them all at the same time.
Push straws back in, leaving space on top.
Fill cart with 12-15 drops of juice.
Plug with filler, Use paperclip to tuck it in snug.
Top off with a drop of juice and your all set!

My atty never floods but I do try to keep it threads up when its full and not in use.

via: E-Cigarette Forum


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