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Quick Blu/Volcano Review (7/10)

Okay, I know there's a lot of controversy over Volcano and a lot of their business tactics are a little shady, but I bought one anyway for my first PV. Consider this a Blu review as well.

The packaging:
Was shipped in an envelope, no protective packaging other than the gift box. The gift box was well-organized but a little beat up for shipping by the time it got here. The PV had no damage so I guess that's what matters.

Initial thoughts on performance:
Wow! After I got the atty primed, I was pretty surprised at the vapor production. After testing other mini's, however, I would have to say around 8/10 for a 1:1 cig sized PV.

Later thoughts on performance (8 days):
Could be better. Most of it is probably in the weakness of the battery, but I feel I could be getting a lot more out of this unit after 20 mins of use on a fresh battery. 7/10.

Battery life:
I wish I could say. I either vape way more than I mean to or these batteries last 3/4 of what's advertised. I smoked 8-11 cigs a day pre-vaping, and now I'm going through 2 batteries a day without fail. Thinking about buying a bigger manual battery. 6/10.

Good quality, not tacky, hinges haven't given me any problems and I carry it 24/7. Charges well and really does charge the batteries 4-6 times before needing a recharge. The foam isn't quite tight enough to hold my carts in though. Oh, and if you don't yank your batt after a charge, it'll die. Quickly. 8/10.

Can't say, This is the only liquid/juice I've tried. I can't complain but I can imagine it being better. Still great enough to pull me away from my FAVORITE tobacco in mid-cigar. (Djarum Clove Blacks)

10/10. Absolutely. Dropped it about 10 times now, once down my front porch steps adding to a cumulative 10 feet from my mouth onto concrete. Not a scratch.

10/10. Looks just like my favorite cigarette (Cloves) and it fools a TON of people into asking why I'm smoking inside, etc. The LED doesn't glow as bright during the day but that is expected. It still beams around dusk and after though. Or anytime I'm inside.

8/10. Could be better but you can't forget it's a mini. This is something I carry daily and I'm not itching for anything aside from another battery, or a longer lasting one of the same size. The SideSho would seem to be a big step up, and it's probably my next purchase.

Thanks for reading. Feel free to ask any questions.

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