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VG vs. USP glycerin HELP!

I got a sampler bottle labeled “50% PG-50% VG” from a vendor. The bottle had a distinctive pungent sweet odor. I mixed this 50/50 with two separate flavored 24mg e-liquids. After vaping, within an hour I was experiencing a headache and nasal dripping. After 2 hours and 2 Excedrins, the symptoms went away.

I don’t believe I have ever used VG in the past. I can’t imagine that VG alone would have such an effect on my system. I concluded that my symptoms were a byproduct of that “sweet” odor, whatever it was. When I again mixed these same e-liquid flavors 50/50 with plain USP glycerin, there was no adverse effect after vaping.

This is my dilimma:
Can there possibly be that much of a difference between Vegetable Glycerin and plain USP glycerin?
Or would the culprit in fact be some other ingredient in the VG/PG bottle?


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