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Wisconsin Vapers Meeting Saturday, Nov. 14th @ 3pm

Hey all you south-eastern Wisconsin Vapers......wanna meet?

I've set up a meeting with about half-dozen of the denizens of Behind the Cheddar Curtain, and am extending the invitation to any and all who can make it to the festivities.... The important bits are below.

I can't wait to meet any and all who wanna join in on our little meet....it'll be strictly a social gathering, so no pressure, folks!

The place we'll be meeting at is called Coffee & Beans

The address is 234 W. Main St #5
Waukesha, WI 53186

I-94 exit F (exit #295). this is the exit you'd get off on if you were going to American TV or Steinhaffells Furniture.

South 2½ miles, left onto Barstow St. On the corner of F and Barstow there's a Qudoba's Mexican Grill and a gas station. Get into the right-most lane.

3 blocks, turn right onto Corrina Blvd. The turnoff is RIGHT after you cross the river. If you actually come TO Main St, you've gone too far.

Main Street Plaza is a large cream city brick building and it will be on your left. (you'll be on the back of building). There is plenty of parking behind the building, all the way up.

You are going to go up the small set of stairs to the right of the Main St. Plaza building, to a causeway between it and the next building. half-way up this plaza, you will see the coffee-shop on your left.

If anyone wants more detailed directions, or is concerned about getting lost on the way in, I'll be more than happy to provide my cell# in PM's for emergency directions. Be warned, tho, that downtown Waukesha can be more than a bit confusing, and I'm still learning it myself.

Can't wait to see everyone there, Saturday, Nov. 14th, 3pm.

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