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Big Tobacco is coming…..

I have been smoke-free for 32 days.
I have saved $160.00.
I have avoided 640 cigarettes.

This e-cigarette thing is really catching on.

The FDA and big tobacco (they're one and the same) are fighting it tooth and nail.

Involved are billions in tobacco corp. dollars and in state and federal tax revenues.

Gov. Terminator just vetoed a prop here proposing a ban on sale and use. (please forgive me, but I'm really starting to like this guy)
NYC citizens are not so lucky-e-cigs have been banned there - in the city at least. [unsubstantiated]

I just saved $160.00 in one month - multiply that figure by 12, then times that by about 50 to 75 million US smokers and you get an idea of the raw fear that's being generated.

The FDA refuses to make a side by side comparison between the ingredients in cigarettes vs. e-liquid. Because it knows that such a comparison would be ludicrous.

As more and more smokers find out about this wonderful new cessation product, I predict big tobacco is going to jump on board and force out the smaller competition.

The strategy being to capture the industry, and then over time, proceed with the same Frankensteinian, addictive chemistry additions that it developed for cigarettes, but this time applied to e-liquids.

Am I paranoid? Tell you what – I challenge you or the FDA to find one single tobacco company executive (junior or senior) that is a smoker.


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