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help! confused about my atty

hey all.

so i got some 510 attys in the mail on the 4th. today is the 9th.

Im new to dripping, but should it have burnt out already? These are 510 atty's for my SB from altsmoke. About 20m ago, I got the most FOUL flavor out of that atty. It was working like a charm up till now. I let it cool, tried blowing it out, and a short "dry burn" method most people suggest, to no avail. It actually got worse. :mad:

I was going to post some pictures of the inside of a new one, and the "foul" one. The brand new one has an interesting white "rubber" looking area under the bridge. The used one does not. Im assuming thats just the cord for wicking. But you all would know better than I.

Should I start boiling some water? Or bust out the vodka? Seems, that after 5 days, I shouldn't be down 1 atty. (and yes, I only go 2-3 drops MAX - have never flooded it)

ideas? :confused::confused::confused:

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