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My 1st Review the VX2/J118

I bought my J118 at a convenience store as my first e cig.
Didn't feel satisfied enough to give upanalogs for it.
This was probably due to the fact I only bought the kit they sell which is the one with a PCC and only one auto battery and atomizer.
After finding this forum while searching for some place to buy spare batteries I got the 510 due to that being the most popular.
But I was having an issue with a sore throat and all of my liquids tasting the same and burnt last week.
Due to this I decided to break out the 118 due to remembering not getting a lot of vapor and a mild throat hit.
Well let me tell you,I have a new favorite PV.
I don't know if it is being used to using an e cig or if maybe my atty just wasn't broken in enough before but the vapor and throat hit on my 118 is just about as good as on my 510 except without the harshness.
My juices have more flavor now.
Well i said it was going to be a review.
So here's my take on the 118.
Vapor I'd say an 8 out of 10.
Throat hit 8 of 10.
Flavor 9 out of 10.
Battery life I'm getting about 4 Hrs. due to the fact I have been smoking it more like an analog 10-20 drags then put it down for a while.
I dont know why but my 510s I tend to vape pretty much constantly untill the battery is dead.
Cartriges last about 2-3 cigs worth. also they wick down to just about completely dry. Just a little left moistening the stuffing. These are the carts after refilling with no mods. I admit the juice that comes in them is just ok not something I'd wat to vape daily.
Availability of parts. So far litecig is the only place I've found with all of the parts I needed. esmokeronline only had attys in stock.
I havent found any one with blank carts in stock.
The only con I've found so far is that it takes 2-3 puffs to get it up to optimum vapor production from being completely cold. and this isn't realy an issue with me but it may bother some one else so I thought I'd mention it. Also since litecig has manual batteries they might do away with that quirk. Well that's my take on the 118/VX2.

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