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OMG It Finally hit me!

Hey guys! I just wanted to announce that instead of smoking my Marlboro 100 (that I smoked for 8 yrs half a pack to a pack a day) I felt really disgusted. Now, the other analog of choice I used Camel Wide Light. I waited until 4pm to take a drag off it any ohhhhhhhhh myyyyyyy god I FINALLY felt disgusted!
I felt my chest clinching and felt that ill sick feeling that I usually would get if I smoked analog first thing in the morning! I finished the yucky stuff but I don't think I'll be able to pick up another one today! Or so I'm hoping unless my e-cig gives out on me.

I went from smoking half a pack, a pack a day... then a week from vaping I smoked 2 to 4 analogs a day... now finally! I feel encouraged!:D

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