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I work Fri.Sat.and Sun. at a local flea market for extra cash.
As I was leaving Fri. I had my PCC with my atty,battery and spare carts.
I set it on top of my car and went to fasten the tarp on the back of our booth. After getting about half way home I went to get it to vape.
Couldn't find it (I remembered setting it ontop of the car and got that sick feeling).
My son asked me what was wrong when I pulled over to check in the back seat and when I told him said that must have been that noise I heard when we pulled out onto the highway.
I went back and the PCC was in the grass at the edge of the drive and since the battery screws in it was still in it.
The atty and the carts were in the drive and had obviously been run over by a few cars.
The carts were obviously just about disintegrated but the atty was still in one piece just a little oval in cross section.
I figured it was toast but took a spare cart that was in the car and tried it.
Other than being hard to get the cart into the atty performed perfectly and after I got home i squeezed it back into shape with a pair of pliers and have been using it ever since. Other than the finish being scratched up it is fine.

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