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Question on Liquid strength usage?

Hi All,

Just wanted to get some opinions on this.

I started Vaping about a month ago. I started out with my trusty 510 which came with a tub of pre-filled carts (zero, low, medium, high tobacco flavor). I started off with the "high" carts and simply worked through em til I was nearly out. I then ordered a 30ml bottle of 3.6% (36mg) nictoine PVLiquid from e-cigs.co.uk which I've been using since.

I just fill my carts up with this, don't cut it or anything. I read a lot of threads about people cutting this sort of strength down (as it is obviously the highest standard dosage you generally find) but I don't do this. I'm not too sure if I SHOULD be diluting this or if its cool to continue as is?

Seems like a lot of people suffer from side effects of using this sort of strength dosage but I've not felt any of that and I'm not sure if that is normal :P I vape a great deal, my 510 is nearly always in my hand (I work mostly infront of computers from home and happily vape away whilst doing so). I refill my cart 2-3 times a day. I am more than satisfied with my e-cig and it has totally replaced my 35-40 a day analogue habit (which I am really pleased about)

So I guess I'm just looking for some thoughts on this. Should I be cutting it, should I be feeling some sort of effects from very frequent usage of this sort of strength, are there others out there who do the same as me?

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated :)

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