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Take this idea and run with it! Modder needed!

My experimentation continues....

Playing with absorbancy factors of various materials and the frustration of failling atomizers brought me to an idea. So far, it works fairly well. I do need someone to expand upon it!

I have a few atomizers that are shot. The wicking material under the bridge has burnt. On one atomizer the bridge actually broke in half. I am out of good atomizers so in an act of desperation, I did the following.

I took a coffee stirrer (one chamber, like a regular straw but smaller), I cut the straw to about 1 1/2 inches. I then proceeded to roll a piece of polyfill like a string and fed it into the straw. On both ends of the straw the poly was extending about 1 inch. On one end I folded the poly over against the outside straw wall and slid 1/2 a spring over the straw (from a clicky pen). The other end of the straw was trimmed off with scissors. I now have a contained wick. On my broken atomizer (coil still worked) I used a pick and removed the bridge. Under the bridge was a solid metal bridge (510 atomizer). I used the pick to remove this also. I inserted the straw (end with spring and exposed poly) into the liquid cup at the bottom of the atomizer. I made sure the straw was turned so only the poly was in direct contact with the coil. While holding the straw in place, I stuffed blue foam around it to keep it centered. I then stuck the end of the straw (sticking out of the atomizer now) into some menthol liquid and waited for it to absorb and wick to the coil. I am vaping it now, in between hits I dip it in fluid to keep the wicking process flowing. As long as the poly is kept wet and you do not hold the coil active for too long you do not get burnt poly.

If on the exposed end of the straw (where cart would be) was a sealed liquid resevoir, it may work very well. This will allow for an exposed coil, no bridge, and increased fluid holding capacity (for the poly will saturate without leaking). Once the poly is actually saturated, the properties of fluidics within the straw will keep it from dumping fluid to the coil.

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