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0mg and low eLiquid dosage vapers

I've just placed my order for a 510, and along with the starterkit comes a 24mg eliquid. Would this be too strong for me if i only smoke 3-5 cigs a day now? If so, what would be a good dose? 14-18?

Also, i would love to find a 0mg or low dosage eliquid to just relax on, to simply enjoy the act of smoking while enjoying the delcious flavors of the juice..... a lot of people seem to go for those 6mg-8mg level dosage for this.... but i would love to hear from people who are using 0mg..... can you tell the difference between 0mg to 6mg?

if not, i might as well just go for the 0mg and take as little nicotine as possible.

lastly, what are the major eliquids distributors otut there? those with safe/quality liquids with distinguised flavors?

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