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Cigarettes; addictive chemicals?

When I originally got e-cigs, I did so with the idea in mind of quiting them after a month and a half to two months--basically that's this week. I had quit smoke once for ten years and I haven't forgotten the drill.


...I remembered nicotine isn't the only addictive additive in cigarettes. I remembered hear on the news one night, years ago, there were five or six addictive chemicals in cigarettes. I remember; nicotine is what bothers us for the first two months. Then, four months later, another chemical starts on us...eight months still another...One year and a half yet 'another' starts bothering us to smoke again...finally, ten years later the last one starts up (that's the one that got me).

Now, because of this memory, I've decided to extend my e-cig usage to just above one year and a half.

So, my question is...does anyone remember that same information? Five or six additive chemicals...two months, four months, eight months, one and a half years and ten years?8-o

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