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Thoughts and questions over the 510 after 2 weeks

I have had my 510 for almost 2 weeks now and im not all that impressed. At first i was getting dizzy vaping but still smoking analogs on the order of close to a pack a day. I thought i was getting too much nic but i read last night on these forums that a heavy smoker most likely wouldn't get the nic he is used to unless smoking 36mg juice?

I loved the english toffee ecopure based juice i was sent but i sucked that bottle dry in 2 days and was still craving analogs. It was 18mg nic. So now i am vaping the marlboro 24mg nonstop and draining my batteries quickly. On the other hand...if i constantly vape the marl 24mg, i dont crave analogs. The drawbacks are fast drained batteries and a bad harshness in the throat everytime i hit it. I also have a complaint about the vapor. The marlb juice doesnt vape well for me at all. I get about a medium vapor hit instead of the large cloud i got when it was new.

I have tried the straw mod with the Lipton pyramid bags and those carts preform the best...at least with the English toffee juice in terms of large clouds of vape. I do need to point out that the marlb juice WAS producing large clouds at first.

I have cleaned both my attys and one of them isnt preforming well at all. I was getting harsh hits off it and washed it in hot water and its never been the same since. It produces very little vape. I have read and read about fixes for it and nothings working. Its not flooded, its heating up, getting good contact and is practically brand new.

Another complaint is the harshness of the vapor.

Im not sure what else to do but buy new attys and carts and maybe invest in more batteries.

Are there higher quality attys and carts for the 510?.. or am i stuck with stock and forced to mod until i get it to work the way i want it to work?

Really all i ask for is rich vapor that isnt harsh and gives me enough nic without running my batts dead in 1/2 hour of use.

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