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Why is there such a fixation with vapor production

I have to admit I love plumes of vapor,but why does it seem alot feel that is of utmost importance.

I mean most ecigs/pv produce more clouds than an analog, But isn't that working against the "cause"? Wouldn't you want to be less standoutish when in public?

Isn't one of the reasons for the popularity of ecigs is to obtain more freedom than when we smoke analogs?

I am not talking about health benefits or the ability to quit smoking or not on this post just the topic of vapor production.

Why is Tons-O-vape an most sought for response.

Is it just a wiping it out on the table to see who has a bigger one type of deal
Is it a real necessity to you?
Anyone may answer hehe, but it would be nice to hear responses from vaporererers that have been vaporizing for a bit now already and have tried a variety of hardware models


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