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No more starving the atomizer!

I have removed the bridge and wick from my 510 atomizer and created a cart which puts polyfill straight to the coil. The polyfill is only about the quantity of half a stock cart. Behind the poly is almost 2ml of juice.

The density of the poly is enough to keep in total saturation without leaking (the cart only being open on one end helps, think of a straw when you put your finger on one end when it is full).

The poly always remains under complete saturation, it does not burn because of this (you can boil water in a paper cup you know ;-)). The poly dries in direct proportion to what the coil can vaporize. The dried part of the poly then re-saturates.

By doing this, the coil os now 100% cleanable and only fails when it is DEAD.

Liquid usage goes up (and jeeze, your head spinning will confirm it!). I am vaping it on a stock 510 manual battery and a 6 second hit is insane (and not recommended). Dropping the battery voltage may be a much wiser choice here, for increasing it would vaporize even larger amounts of juice and increase hit intensity even more (an unwanted effect at this point).

I taste no burnt poly, no strange tastes, just strong flavored juice. After 3 hits on this beast, I feel as if I just put down an entire analog.

The juice does not leak, does not flood the coil, and you get none in your mouth, it just vaporizes very efficiently. My average daily consumption of juice is about 6.67ml. This burnt through 1.5ml in about 65-70 minutes of constant vaping. My head was spinning and I was more than satisfied, but in the sake of testing.... I HAD to do it!

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