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What makes for a good review?

I don't know if this goes here or not, but I'm sure it will be moved to the right place. I've been getting my feet wet doing a handful of reviews and a few of them have really taken off and I've gotten lots of really good feedback and a few of them have completely tanked. So, I'm asking, what do people want? I enjoy doing reviews, but I want the people watching them to enjoy them to and take something away from it. I try to give what I appreciate from watching others reviews, as much as I can. But I also want to know what's helpful to others, too. Short and sweet, just the basics, or more in depth? Just in general, what makes a review good to you. Of course, with the exception of one, have been on kits I've bought myself, that's not the question. Just in case someone thinks I'm greedy:D. I'm just honestly hoping that some veterans can give a noobie some advice and that the rest of you can just tell me what you like to see. In reviews that is.:D Thanks to anyone willing to help me out!

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