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Your teens & e-cigarettes

If you have non-smoking teenaged children, what are their views on electronic cigarettes? Do they think they are "cool?" Are they tempted by the flavors? Have they mentioned them regarding their friends?

My 19 year old has no interest in them at all. He thinks the habit of smoking is "weird," but he's glad I'm not smoking analogs anymore. But he no longer lives with me and is not exposed to them.

My 16 year old is around me all of the time. He also thinks it's great I'm off analogs, but he says the vapor smells good (as opposed to analogs) and thinks they are kind of cool in a "hooka" kind of way. He says he'd use one with the tastier flavors but definitely no nicotine. However, he says he would NOT spend his own money to buy one, lol!

He also has a teen friend who just started smoking. He recommended e-cigarettes to her, as a safer alternative, but she wasn't interested at all, either.

Any other stories?

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