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got some new juice today ….. meh

so i ordered some juice and it came in today, i got some vanilla , pineapple, and marlboro flavors all were 36 mg

vanilla ... i could take about 3 or 4 puff then that was good for me ... i can see vanilla would be a once in a while thing for me .

pineapple ... took about 3-4 puffs and wanted to puke lmao

and the marlboro .. somethin just doesnt seem right with it... i dunno, it has a funny after taste.

i got these juices from myfreedomsmokes.com any one else have the weird afer taste with the marlboro 36mg ????

the throat hit is harsher being it 36mg i know, but the weird after taste in my mouth i dont think could be fro it being 36mg could it ??

i know alot of people use these guys, and im not saying dont get these juices... vanilla and pineapple are just not for me lol

i got my 510 about 2 weeks ago and it came with 2 bottles of 24mg marlboro juice from cignot. i really liked that juice, had a sorta sweet after taste, and if some of that spilled ... id lick it ... nice and sweet

last question for you guys .... who has the best e-juice in your opinion? and who has the best marlboro flavor in your opinion??

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