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Now what do I do?

I just realized I have been nicotine free for 1 month and it happened by accident. I ordered zero nic juice for my E-Cig. I don't know if I should be happy or if I am going to get all stressed out for being stupid and ordering the wrong thing.:oops:

Back about a month ago I ordered from liquid express. By the way, Rob is great. I got my last order in like 2 days. I quickly vaped up a carnival apple and was left with a 30 mil of original. I have been vaping that for some time now and the label wore off. This morning I went to the site and saw that he had a flavor page. I look it over and thought, hey did I order from that page. Then I went into my stash and found a bottle of 555 that I tried and didn't like and sure enough there it was on the bottle 555 FL. I thought that my attys were heating up more then usual but chalked it up as inconsistency.

What do I do now? I am getting all stressed out.8-o

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