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Tasty vapor juice-whats your favorite?

I am trying to figure out what flavors are good from this vendor. I loved the english toffee ecopure based juice from cignot, but it does not come in a high enough dose of nic that i think im going to require. What i am looking for is a smooth flavor with plenty of smoke and is tasty.

I am having trouble smoking the marlboro juice from cignot as it does not produce enough smoke and is very harsh. I also seem to be sucking on my vape stick (lol) constantly, burning through batteries, just to keep from smoking analogs. Tasty vapor says they no longer do VG but will still mix it 50/50. I was told that maybe i should switch to VG because of problems i am having with PG but geoff from TV says the VG has a bad taste. Anyone shed any light on this for me?

If anyone orders from this vendor...can you tell me your favorite and be specific on the amounts of flavorings going into the mix?


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